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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Enough already!

It's almost the middle of June. Utah is primarily a desert. So it should be getting hot with long, dry days perfect for scooter riding and lawn mowing and fishing. Instead, we've been trapped in a 10 day course of cold temperatures and thunder showers nearly every day. This weather pattern is beginning to get biblical in dimension and the weather guessers are having a field day recording new water records all around the state.

I haven't had to water the grass in more than a week. I've needed to mow the grass for half a week but every night its raining and storming and just 50 something degrees, so the Murray has stayed locked in the carport closet. Everywhere in town the roses bushes are having their best blooming season ever and our town has never looked better because of them. I intended to take the BSU out for a rose tour drive after supper but then the sky turned black and the latest downpour began anew. Maybe tomorrow night we'll try again.

But this weather is completely atypical for this time of year and I'm getting pretty tired of it! I blame OwlGore and his dammed Global Warming Powerpoint charts!

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